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The Change agent international event was held in Rotterdam on 9-11 June, 2016.

The change agent event launched a network of professionals from Greece, Italy, Hungary and the Netherlands committed to contributing towards successfully addressing hate crime.
Change agents were selected through the national trainings held in Greece, Italy and Hungary during the first part of the project and were joined by Dutch experts on hate crime. The purpose of the change agents is to promote anti-racist ethos in their respective institutions and professional groups.
The purpose of the event was twofold:
• to build on the knowledge and skills regarding hate crime that participants already acquired through group work in a transnational setting. Participants added to and fine tuned the outputs of the national training sessions and also developed model protocols on how hate crimes can be effectively addressed
• to empower participants to promote changes within their own organization or professional group
with the aim to improve responses to hate crimes.

The seminar consisted of group work (in national groups, groups of the same profession and mixed groups) and plenary discussions. Throughout the training the Dutch experts presented their work on hate crime addressing the theme ‘How to be a change agent’.

The first day was used to look back on the national training sessions and to define the most urgent issues to be addressed in Italy, Hungary and Greece.

The second day was largely attributed to discussing the elements to be included in model protocols for tackling different types of hate crime, which was done in mixed groups.

The final part of the second day and the first part of the third were used to further elaborate on the concept of change agents, bringing together all elements previously addressed in the change agent presentations and plenary discussions.

Finally each participant wrote down and presented a personal plan for a concrete action within their power to tackle a specific problem or face a specific challenge related to hate crime.

See the agenda and the evaluation of the event


Stefano Chirico, lieutenant colonel, Italian National Police, Observatory for security against acts of discrimination (OSCAD)

Roberta Porro, Lawyer, member of ASGI, Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration


PéterHorváth, deputy head, Appellate Prosecution Service of Győr-Moson-Sopron County

Ervin Barna, Police Officer (investigator), Detection Department, Budapest Police Headquarters

member of Special Hate Crime Network police

TamásFazekas, Attorney, Hungarian Helsinki Committee


Agapi Chouzouraki, Lawyer, Greek Council for Refugees adult trainer at the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation

Maria Salmanli, Judge (in training), National School of Judges in Thessaloniki


Herman Renes, Trainer and consultant hate crime, Dutch Police Academy

Ed Faas, Project manager Tackling discrimination at the Dutch national police

Maartje Vrins, Specialist policy officer,National Expertise Centre on Discrimination Public prosecution service

Ingeborg Doves, Public prosecutor, Portfolio Discrimination, Public prosecution service, The Hague

GöranSluiter, Lawyer at Prakkend’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers