Good Practices

/Good Practices

In the framework of the project a series of manuals and protocols have been developed, in order to promote exchange of knowledge and inspire further commitment to addressing hate crimes.

A good practice manual has been developed, to provide an overview of tried, practical and effective ways to counter hate crime, including relevant training material and information which is useful to professionals working within authorities operating at policy level.

Two protocols have been developed, describing specific steps to effectively address hate crimes at the level of investigation and prosecution of hate crimes in general, and specifically hate crimes based on the victim’s race and sexual orientation.

An inspirational document, proposing a model for institutional commitment and underlining the key role of change agents in mobilizing authorities to effectively combat hate crime within law enforcement and public prosecution bodies.


You are welcome to access all material below:

Good Practices Manual

Investigating Hate Crimes – General Protocol

Investigating race and sexual orientation hate crimes – Specific Protocol

From personal to institutional commitment