The project is based on the methodological assumption that an experiential understanding of complex forms of crime can help improve the responses of law enforcement authorities.

In that framework, the project conducted training needs assessments for each target group (police, judges and prosecutors, lawyers) in Greece, Italy and Hungary. The needs assessments were based on information collected through interviews with the target groups and highlighted gaps in knowledge, skills required for effectively addressing hate crime, method and content of trainings.

Based on the training needs assessments, specific experiential learning modules and training material were designed for each target group. Learning modules comprehensively cover knowledge and skills that the target groups have to possess in order to effectively address hate crime. Training material has an experiential, interactive and practical character, makes use of real cases and aims to sensitize participants to identify bias and optimally use existing legal and investigatory tools.

The modules and training material were piloted in Greece, Hungary and Italy through experiential learning seminars organized for each group in each country.

The seminars led to the identification of a network of change agents from all countries and professional groups. The change agents received further training in an international event in the Netherlands on ways to promote ‘anti-racist’ ethos within their organizations. They also worked on producing model protocols for effectively handling racist, hate and homophobic crime with an effective cooperation of all actors.

The project enables the exchange of knowledge through a manual of good practices and disseminates the project results through this website, the networks of the project partners and awareness events organized in each participating country with the active role of the ‘change agents’. Moreover, all training modules and training material produced are available for free use to any interested organization across Europe.